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President’s Message


A very Klingon Christmas

The Holidays are a great time to share the things you love. Share the gift of dance with everyone you meet. As the year ends we reflect on the past and look forward to the future. 

New dancers must be encouraged to participate in the many fun things we plan each year: Club anniversaries, picnics, banner raids, dangle dances, mystery trips and service projects. 

Our biggest task in the New Year is Recruiting and Sharing the Fun of our Activity. We, the current dancers, must unite and plan for our future. We have lost callers, cuers, dancers and clubs. WE must resolve that no task is impossible if we work towards one goal – Our Dance Future.

Plan on taking an active role in our activity:

Class Angel
Bring Refreshments
Set up or clean up the Hall
Attend a Demo
Chair a Special Dance
Banner Raid or Retrieve
Be your Club Webmaster
Club Officer
Federation Representative or Officer

This is your chance to keep The American Square Dance – Alive!

Marianne C. Jackson, President