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President’s Message

Inaugural Ball 2 - Marianne

Fall 2014

Beautiful Sunsets and Colorful Leaves: A great backdrop to our Autumn Dances. Club special are what brings out the FUN in a club.

At the September Federation Meeting – The Question was asked: What or Who makes the Fun at a Square Dance?

Some of the Responses:

  1. Challenge Level & the Puzzle Solving
  2. The Mistakes
  3. Student Graduation – having students switching places and dancing the other position.
  4. Interacting with other people
  5. Amateur Night at Village Squares – new people trying to call
  6. Non-dancers dressing up for a private square dance.
  7. DBD (Dance by Definition) and Old Calls no longer danced
  8. The Buddy Liles Concert before a square dance.
  9. Cookout Night during a Banner Raid
  10. Dangle Dances at Beechmont
  11. Star shaped gifts/Dancers putting a wish on slips of paper at Sunshine Squares.
  12. Mixer & Progressive Squares
  13. Meeting their future wife at a square dance.
  14. Cincy A-2 dances are always fun.
  15. Seeing/re-meeting friends from years ago.
  16. Helping new students.
  17. Seeing your spouse do things they are not accomplished at.
  18. Doing something different makes you have to listen better.
  19. Satisfaction of seeing new dancers succeed that you have helped.
  20. Big Barn Dances done in the Jacksonburg Barn.
  21. Dancing with Visiting Canadians & getting a special badge.
  22. The first Black & White Ball at Village Squares with a floor full of dancers.

This year will be my 50th year dancing. I started with Folk Dances and Traditional Square Dances. I took Ballet, Tap & Jazz lessons. More Traditional Squares, Jitterbug, Waltz and Polkas. I took Clogging a year before I started Modern Western Squares, Round Dancing and Contra Dancing. Lastly, some more Folk Dances, English Country Dancing and Advanced & Challenge Square Dancing.


I have had the opportunity to dance in 21 states, Canada, England, Austria, and The Netherlands. I have danced in the top of the St. Louis Arch, on a Cruise ship, in a bathroom, a swimming pool, and under the Newport Liberty Bell. No matter when or where, square dancing has always been fun.


We have had several new students come into our activity and more are beginning. Remember that we need to make it FUN for them. Think of all the fun times you have encountered in this great activity. Think of all the fun people you have met. There are so many more fun things that may still happen in the years to come. So, Pass the FUN forward.


Happy dancing,

Marianne C. Jackson, President

The Southwestern Ohio/Northern Kentucky Square Dancers Federation


To all Clubs & Dance Leaders:


  1. We are still trying to update the webpage – ,

Square Notes and Club contact information.

  1. Square Notes will publish your Year Club Schedule if ready before the December/January Issue is published.
  2. We need everyone to promote all classes & workshops.
  3. 2014 Dangle Dance Sheets are due by November 16, 2014.
  4. 2015 Dangle Dance Theme: “Take me out to the Ballgame”
  5. Upcoming Nominations for Honor Person/Couple – Each club should select a member of their club that is outstanding in our community.
  6. Volunteers needed – Federation reps, Angels for classes, Officers for clubs, and dancers needed for Convention Committees.


It takes everyone working together to continue the FUN.