Frontier Squares


Club Presidents: Barry and Peggy Carney

Message from the Club Presidents:
Frontier Squares is happy to report that our Inaugural Cincinnati Summerfest was a SUCCESS!  Jerry Story & Jack Pladdys were at the top of their games (now local people will know who and how good Jerry is, and it was a blessing to have Jack back)!  Great round dancing and mixers were cued by Stuart Lewis and Carl Schappacher.

 Our guests had fun and the energy level in the dance halls was high.  For our area clubs, it was wonderful to have a festival weekend atmosphere in our own back yard……and we didn’t have to spend hours (and money for gas) to get there or lots of money to stay in a hotel.

A special thanks to EVERYONE who helped make the weekend a success, especially our Hospitality, Facilities and Finance Committees (we’re afraid to mention names and leave someone out).

 You won’t want to miss the 2nd Annual Cincinnati Summerfest ’15  next year on Friday, July 31 and Saturday, August 1, 2015.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR and we hope you’ll make plans to be part of the fun (along with the 35 people who have already registered)!

 Hugs & Handshakes,
Peggy & Barry Carney